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Paper Marbling

Last month my friend Deedy and I planned a day of paper marbling.¬†At the last minute, I realized that I didn’t have supplies enough for the methyl cellulose method that I had done before, so Deedy kindly whipped up a bunch of liquid cornstarch, according to the recipe provided on this nice blog: For the Makers.

It was a little thicker (a lot thicker) than I was used to, and my first attempts were pretty interesting, let’s just say.


But I kind of like experimental accidents, so I carried on with some other blobby attempts:



But after a while we figured it out, and I was actually pretty pleased with some of the designs I was able to conjure out of the liquid goo. Some actually sort of look like what marbleized paper is supposed to kind of look like:



And the one I liked the best was this one, where I used the process to come up with something completely else.

marbleized paper



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