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Variations on a Theme

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More paste papers

Variations on a theme: I made these by swirling a fan brush in various patterns. (I’m not usually trying to get anything really perfect, in case that is not that obvious.)




Blue swirly Paste paper

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Paste Papers

My friend Deedy and I spent the day last weekend making paste papers. Neither of us had ever done it before, but we were pleased with the results and variations we could come up with.

We mixed Reeves gouache and Windsor Newton watercolor with premade Home Depot wallpaper paste and homemade starch paste using these instructions. We tried a bunch of different paper, but for our purposes, actually found that card stock worked the best without soaking it or wetting it down beforehand.

This is a set in one variation, using blue-green paint and a surf wax comb.



paste paper - light blue

paste paper - light blue

paste paper - green

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More textured paper





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I paint a lot of checkerboards. I think they are a little more interesting with some kind of irregular pattern over them.


These were made by staining some rough paper with a blue wash, painting in the checkerboard in orange watercolor, then I dipped a bolt in watered down black ink, and rolled it around on top.



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