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Airbrushed Gradients

I dug out my airbrush recently and had at it. I was trying to create gradients to use for skies. Easier said than done. More practice is needed, but here are these.







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Handpainted Backgrounds

Free Handpainted Textured Backgrounds

Maybe when I’m feeling a little more creative, I’ll come back and rename these with better names, like Mango Smoothie and Cappuccino, but for now they’re unnamed.

Click on the image for a high res file.

textured background

Handpainted background

Handpainted background

Handpainted textured background burnt orange

Handpainted background

Handpainted textured background salmon

Blue handpainted background

Green handpainted background

Light yellow-green handpainted background

Moss green handpainted background

Brownish-green handpainted background

Bright orange handpainted background

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