Rusty Paper

This piece was formed by peeling the label off of an old rusty coffee can. It is so perfectly rusted that it has always been one of my most favorite scraps (which is embarrassing to admit). I had a second one that I incorporated into a collage that worked beautifully.

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Marbley Paper

marble paper

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More Marbling

No two days of paper marbling are quite the same. Here are some of the results of my latest effort:




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More (better) Paper Marbling







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Paper Marbling

Last month my friend Deedy and I planned a day of paper marbling.¬†At the last minute, I realized that I didn’t have supplies enough for the methyl cellulose method that I had done before, so Deedy kindly whipped up a bunch of liquid cornstarch, according to the recipe provided on this nice blog: For the Makers.

It was a little thicker (a lot thicker) than I was used to, and my first attempts were pretty interesting, let’s just say.


But I kind of like experimental accidents, so I carried on with some other blobby attempts:



But after a while we figured it out, and I was actually pretty pleased with some of the designs I was able to conjure out of the liquid goo. Some actually sort of look like what marbleized paper is supposed to kind of look like:



And the one I liked the best was this one, where I used the process to come up with something completely else.

marbleized paper



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